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Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

No matter what people say, the wedding dress is the most important attribute of every wedding. Everyone will drink, eat, sing, and dance, and it is inevitable that all of guests’ eyes are going to be turned on you. Everyone will be discussing your hair-do, makeup, and of course your dress. So let’s find out more how to pick up the right wedding dress and when is the most appropriate time for this.

Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

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Tip #1 – Don’t build the wedding around the dress

Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

It is a very common mistake to arrange the whole wedding accordingly to the wedding dress. The very first thing every couple should consider is the wedding style itself – whether you want it to be in a Bohemian, modern, or completely nontraditional style – only after having made your decision about that, you can move to choosing the wedding dress.

Tips #2 – Be realistic about your budget

Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress


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It is not of the highest priority to order services of a wedding dress designer and spend half of your wedding budget for just one dress. There are other no less important things to spend your money for, such as the ceremony, the photographer, and finally, the food. There are numerous wedding dresses that have no brand name, but still look a way much better than those sewed by the famous fashion designers. Check it yourself on, where you can find the greatest assortment of wedding dresses, which look amazing and cost a way less than those in the retail shops.

Tip #3 – Less is more – especially when it comes to wedding accessories


Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

Choose accessories only when you are done with choosing a wedding dress, as it will dictate the color, shape, and the size of the accessories necessary. To choose the right ones, ask someone to take a picture of you, so you can look at yourself “from aside”. Don’t opt for too big massive jewelry that will probably put your wedding dress into shade. Small, but elegant earrings, an accurate hairstyle, and a light makeup will perfectly do their job.

Tip #4 – Get fittings as close to the wedding as possible

Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

Although it is required to get your wedding clothing prepared at least 3-4 months before the occasion, the fittings must be done as close to the wedding date as possible. Most of the brides do lose weight before the wedding, so you better not start the fittings before you reach the exact size you want to be on your wedding day.

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Tip #5 – Listen to your intuition, not the people around

Top 5 Tips When Choosing A Wedding Dress

Even though it is much advisable to take someone with you for the trying on, you should still rely on your own intuition. Even if everyone says that you look great in that wedding dress, but you feel extremely uncomfortable in it, forget about it and keep looking for the dress that will not be able to spoil your day. Don’t listen to the shop assistant either, as their job is to make you purchase the most expensive dress they have gotten in the shop. Pick up the day, prepare a cup of hot herbal tea and monitor the Internet for the models that are available today. Moreover, it is much required to shop online on the web-sites like, as the prices there are much more lower than in any other place.

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