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Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Personal Style

Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Personal Style

Fashion Sense!!! Four Basic Things To Note When Creating Your Personal Style

Although clothing isn’t the only thing that influences our image, the lack of a personal style in clothing will likely make you appear dull and unimaginative, which will inevitably ruin the people’s perception of you. Find out how to build your own style and upgrade your wardrobe using the clothing from the leading brands you’ll find on Jiji (


Find the inspiration for your style

Having a source of style inspiration doesn’t mean you’re simply going to copy someone’s looks, but it’s a great way to find some flattering silhouettes, trendy combinations, and great color pairings you can use in your own outfits. You can find style inspiration in fashion magazines, street fashion blogs and Instagrams, or the way your favorite celebrity dresses – just make sure their appearance is somewhat similar to yours, so that you could easily know how a certain piece would look on you.

Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Personal Style

Know your body shape

While there are many items of clothing that look great on every body type – for example, peplum tops and dresses – there are also plenty of clothes that are designed for a specific body shape. Knowing which body type you belong to will help you find the most flattering pieces of clothing without having to try on a million of dresses or skirts first. If you’re having a hard time giving your body a fair assessment, ask your most honest friends or consult a body shape guide you can easily find online.

Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Personal Style

Choose your statement pieces

There is a good chance that there are many things in your wardrobe that you could easily use in your new style. Usually the pieces you wear the most are what looks best on you and what can be worn in the biggest number of occasions. If you have a pencil skirt, a striped top, a plain white shirt, or a pair of jeans you can’t get enough of, consider building your wardrobe around those pieces, adding trendy items and accessories as you go.

Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Personal Style

Become a smart shopper

Having your own unique clothing style doesn’t mean buying as much clothes as you can with all the money you have. The only thing you can achieve by reckless shopping is cluttering your wardrobe and buying a bunch of stuff you’re hardly going to wear. Instead you should only buy things that are missing from your closet at the moment. For instance, if you’ve realized that you urgently need a floral blazer for summer, go and buy that blazer, but try not to be tempted by any other clothing items that you don’t currently need.

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