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Kcee: Upcoming Artistes Are Hungry, Not Interested In Reading Your Contract

Kcee: Upcoming Artistes Are Hungry, Not Interested In Reading Your Contract

Kcee pinpointed the reason behind artist having problem with their record label after they might have made the needed fame, in his recent interview with HipTv

Five Star Music general, Kcee, in his recent interview with HipTv, educated anyone concern on contract signing, both the record label owner issuing the contract and the singer signing the contract.

Kcee is of the opinion that Record Label owners should make sure that the artist went through the contracts, line by line before signing the contract. For him, due to too much hunger in upcoming artists, less attention are adjusted to what the contract entails; the do’s and don’ts.

According to him, what the artist foresee is him/her making music, shooting crispy video, travelling from one country to another, but not reading thoroughly, the details in the contract, which when he eventually gain fame, would start feeling cheated and then fight to expunge what’s in the contract.

Most of these guys are hungry, and they are not interested in reading your contract. You type a contract for an upcoming artist, of 10 pages. He’s not interested in reading the contract.

All he’s interested in for you to put him on the camera and let him shoot a video. Put them in a studio to record music. And he wants to see himself in South Africa, London.”

Speaking on how the record label owners could avoid such prevalent situation in music industry in future, he said;

Read it for them line by line, get your lawyer sit with them and they should get their lawyer or someone from their own angle.

Because some of them don’t have family when they come to you, but all of a sudden, when they become huge and big, they have families and friends. They come to fight for them.”

Speaking directly to the upcoming artist who might nurture the mindset of breaching their contract with the record label that invested on them when they were nobody, in an improper way, after gaining the needed fame, he said;

Sometimes it’s hurting, some of these record label owners don’t find it funny. And away from that, the blessings that goes with that, you will lose it by the time you breach your contract. Because for someone to invest a dime in you, it’s like a risk because you don’t know if that person is going to make it.

So when you now make it and you think you can do without the person, not in a proper way or fulfilling your obligations, trust me, even God in heaven is not going to be happy with you.”

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