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Instrumental Mixtape: DJ Klem – Vintage: The Beat Tape

Instrumental Mixtape: DJ Klem - Vintage: The Beat Tape

After a long silence, ace producer and former knighthouse producer DJ Klem reintroduces himself with this eclectic compilation of instrumentals.

In his typical style, “Vintage” is a collection of 7 masterly crafted beats exploring a wide sonic palette and all produced before 2013. With influences ranging from London dubstep to J-dilla’s hip-hop beats, “Vintage” delivers a beautiful listening experience.

Serving as a prelude to two other projects to be released this year, “Vintage” is the perfect way to get reacquainted with the versatile sound of DJ Klem.

Jab the play button, listen, like, share and enjoy!!


About Vintage: The Beat Tape – In DJ Klem Words
The idea behind “Vintage” is to share a collection of sounds that were all made Pre-2013. A lot of these beats were meant for artists and projects that never saw the light of day; the rest of them were experiments that I previously never shared.

1. Dub Krunk
Inspired by my love for the London sound, Analog Synths, and Dubstep. Never penciled it in for any particular project so I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to share it.


2. Don’t Stop
One of the experiments I mentioned. Inspired by my love for vocal samples in beats. I think Peter Clarke was supposed to jump on it at some point.


3. Bill On Me
Was originally meant for Ice Prince. He heard the beat in 2010 and immediately wrote a hook. Never recorded it.


4. Afro Fusion
One of my favourite beats. Absolutely love the horn arrangement. Was recorded a couple of times but never got released.


5. Better Days
Always wanted SDC on this. Could still happen. The vocal sample is my voice.


6. 51
Originally intended for my LP #AfroFunkyDiscoSoul and was supposed to have MI on it. Never managed to get him on. The title is an ode to Knighthouse’s studio address.


7. 19
The name is a reflection of my habit of naming beats by number and having a different folder for each year. This was made in 2011.


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