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“‘Soldier’ was actually my song… decided to work together on it” – Simi

▪Simi, in a recent interview, gave more insight into her relationship with two of her supposed admirers, – Adekunle Gold and Falz – revealed how she met both superstar.

▪According to her, Adekunle Gold was already a fan of hers when both met. Falz get to admire her work and decided to hook up with her.

Simi is undoubtedly on spotlight, if not for anything but her amazing debut album under her record label, X3M Music, titled after herself – “SimiSola.” She recently gave an interview as her album continue to gain more airplay and positive reviews.

When it comes to relationship, Simi have kept everyone in the dark. Her cordial link with two of the industry top stars – Adekunle Gold and Falz – is all the media could hold their hands on but by the look of things, she might be in no relationship with any of them.

However, going by her words in the interview, Adekunle Gold seems more intimate than Falz as she clearly identify the former as a close friend.

"'Soldier' was actually my song... decided to work together on it" - Simi

I met Adekunle Gold while I was performing at an event centre in Lagos. Unknown to me, he had been listening to me since I was a gospel artiste and he said he was a fan of my music. At that time, I just knew him as a graphic artist, popularly referred to as the ‘King of Photoshop;’ I didn’t even know he was a singer, but we just became close from there. As for Falz, he heard one of my works, and he reached out to me on Twitter. From there, we hooked up in the studio and did some things together.”

She went on to reveal that her well received joint record with Falz back in early 2016, titled “Soldier” was actually hers:

Soldier was actually my song, and when he heard it, we decided to work together on it.”

"'Soldier' was actually my song... decided to work together on it" - Simi

She maintained her stand in holding secret, whom she is currently into relationship with:

I always like to keep my personal life away from the public. All I can say is that I am in a relationship but I just don’t want to disclose the person’s name.”

Speaking of her self titled album, “SimiSola”, music and failure, she eloquently remarked:

I am not afraid of failure because I feel you learn even when you fail. I was more interested in thinking of how people would react to the songs in the album. It’s not possible for everybody to like a particular thing. Even for the biggest legends in the world; they have some people who don’t like them. I was once signed to a record label for four years but things didn’t work out well. There were times that I was really frustrated, but I have never wanted to stop doing music. Music is the one thing that I’m very passionate about.”

Reflecting on her childhood days, the challenges she faced probably because of her small size, she said:

While growing up, I was a bit defensive. Because of my small size, I always thought that people were trying to take advantage of me. I’m not an easy person to bully. I have a mind of my own, and I always say whatever I’m feeling; I don’t hold back. But my voice has always worked to my advantage. However, I hate it when people mimic me, or treat me like a child because of my voice.”

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