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Spellz: I Did Two Songs on Tiwa’s EP. “Ma Lo” Was Originally My Song

Spellz: I Did Two Songs on Tiwa's EP. "Ma Lo" Was Originally My Song

Sure the message is clear as we are now aware of the brain behind Tiwa’s smash single housed in her lately served out music project, an Extended Play titled “Sugarcane.”

“Ma Lo” is undoubtedly the project determining track and the crisply delivered visuals to the record masterfully engineered the catapulting of the record for a long representation on the playdata apex.

Hard to believe virtually by the fans of the afro-diva, that the record in question was not really a record originally owned by her but the rather poorly accredited contributor to the record, the record producer, Spellz.

Spellz, in his latest interview with Punch, decided to gain his full fledged and deserved credit for the impressive piece which got everyone confessing of its awesomeness and enthralling quality, as he let it out, being the owner of the record.

According to him, he did two song in the “Sugarcane EP” – though couldn’t reveal the other probably because it’s not a hit?

I did two songs on Tiwa’s EP. Malo was originally my song that I planned to release this year. So, when we wanted to put out her EP, she needed one more song. I was not in Nigeria at that time and Tiwa was in New York too. It was difficult to work together; so, I said we should add Malo to the EP.”

However, as much as he would like to call the song his, it will be unappreciative of him not to recognize the effort made by Tiwa and Wizkid cos’ without those two the record wouldn’t have been made, thus, prefer to call it “Our Song”.

I saw it as our song since I featured Wizkid and Tiwa on it. And without their efforts, the song wouldn’t be made. I am not the type that holds onto things for too long. Since Tiwa liked the idea, I spoke to Wizkid as well and he liked it too.

When we make songs, we come together. At the end of the day, we are only after the good of the song. So, everyone brought their own ideas for the good of Malo.”

Speaking further, Spellz bragged that the best is yet to be seen of the song as it will bag many awards the same way Iskaba is winning even after one year of its release.

In fact, I don’t think we’ve seen the best of the song. When I produced Wande Coal’s Iskaba last year, I knew it would be a big song. A year after we did Iskaba, awards are still coming in for the song. How many songs do you produce and a year after, they are still relevant? In Nigeria, the lifespan of songs is just three months.”

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