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Burna Boy: Afrobeat, As Far As I’m Concerned, Only Fela Kuti Does That

Burna Boy Want Everyone That Cares To Listen That None Of The Current Crop Of African Superstars That Proud Themselves As One Of Afrobeat Purveyor Are Anywhere Near.

Burna Boy, having on several occasion defined his type of music genre as Afro-Fusion continues to give the correction to all that keep getting it wrong.

Right on the day of his album “Outside” release – earlier this year, precisely on 26th January, 2018 – the generally classified Afro-Dancehall Rapper link up with Radar Radio in London in effect to his album radio promo tour to discuss about his music and more also the album.

With the radio female presenter, Nikita on the radio program termed “Tune In or F**k Off”, having to refer his music as “Afrobeat” during her introduction of the Nigerian controversial music star, had to be corrected like other interviewers of the Spaceship general that he ain’t doing Afrobeat but Afro-Fusion – she probably didn’t see that coming.

“Yeah mehn, First of all let me correct you. It’s not afrobeat, for me it’s afro-fusion. I do, I can’t speak for anyone else” – Burna Boy to Nikita.

Further explaining, Burna Boy made her and anyone listening that none of African current crop of music stars does Afrobeat, that what they does is nothing but Afro-Pop. He only recognized late Fela Anikulapo Kuti – a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer and pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre – as the only one that does Afrobeat.

“You hear me cos Afrobeat, as far as I’m concerned, only Fela Kuti does that,” – he said and when reminded of what some people said, he replied; “Those some people are wrong. Most of the things they called Afrobeat is actually Afro-Pop”.

He went on to talk about many other topics including his music genre, “Afro-Fusion”, video game “Grand Theft Auto” and the main reason for the interview, his (then coming up) “Outside” album.

Watch the full interview below, like, and share. Do air your thoughts on his submission about afrobeat in the comment section.


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