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Lucy: Why I Left Paul Okoye’s Rudeboy Records | Watch Video

Lucy: Why I Left Paul Okoye's Rudeboy Recordz | Watch Video

Have you ever wondered the whereabout of Paul Okoye’s Rudeboy Recordz’ signees – Lucy Ugorji and Muno Oriero? Why both promising talent went mute for over a year plus, after impressing with hot singles in their debut year (2016)?

Fact is that both act have left the record label earlier this year after an unproductive and unprogressive relationship with the label in 2017, brought about by the issues surrounding their boss and his twin brother, Peter Okoye over the distribution of their joint brand – P-Square – quota.

Meeting up with HipTv recently, the then identified Rudeboy Recordz first lady, #RudeGirl Lucy confirm her exit from the label and the reason behind her decision.

According to her, the family problem between P-Square was the sole reason as she believed it was clouding her music career.

“I left Rudeboy Recordz because their family drama was overshadowing my career then, you know!. Because, you know sometimes i will post my music and people will be referring to the fight that was happening then and, you know I wanted more for myself and, you know i have a lot that i’m not willing to compromise.”

Do you think her reasons justified her decision? We are made to understand that the record head, Rudeboy was never happy with their decision. In an interview with the Nation, the “Fire Fire” man admit he’s going to find it difficult to sign any artist to his label after the incident.

Speaking to the Nation, Rudeboy has this to say about their exit:

I am going to be honest with you, let me be the first person that owns a record label that will make such decision. I have two artistes Lucy and Muno. Lucy was in school for a long time and then her parents said they wanted her to finish school and it was taking my time for almost a year and they said they want her to be on her own and I said ok no problem.

Like I always say, my own thing is stronger than any other thing. That’s one thing I understand so they best thing I did was accept and we prepared document to let her move. Also, early this year my male artiste came and said he wants to leave and I said no problem.

These are signs for me to know that some people don’t have patience. Look at what is going on between artistes and labels now. I don’t think I have time. Trust me, I no get energy. It’s going to be hard for me to sign an artiste now but I can assist or help.

If you are lucky one or two songs is enough to blow you but if you are patient you continues until you actually discover yourself. Or you expect me to call people to put you in shows? No! Your music should draw people to call you themselves. For me, signing an artiste is not in my agenda“.

Watch the video below:

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