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Mo’Hits Reunion Lead Up As Don Jazzy & D’Banj Hints On Joint Music Tour

Mo'Hits Reunion Lead Up As Don Jazzy & D'Banj Hints On Joint Music Tour

Recent Turn-Up On Don Jazzy & D’Banj’s Separate Social Media Pages Suggest Both Is Nurturing The Idea Of Returning Back To The Basic, Especially After Their Surprise Reunion At The OBO Davido’s 30 Billion Concert In Lagos Back In December

Don Jazzy and D’Banj have ignited a possible re-installation of the long dead music empire of Mo’Hits Records. After their surprise reunion performance at the Davido’s 30 Billion Concert late last year, the group is about to embark on another reunion performance, a tour to be precise.

Their surprise appearance and combined performance at the 30 Billion Concert in December inserted more feasibility to the earlier assumption of the group return.

Within those space till few days ago, the insertion seems dead and have already been pushed back to people’s subconscious mind, but liven up once again after both superstar threaded tweets and repost on social media earlier this week.

Are my wrong to say both superstar did what fans have never seen of both in over half a decade now? I guess No!

On March 19, Don Jazzy and D’Banj took to their separate instagram account to share a video of the Mo’Hits group performances with a caption fueling another reunion performance on the way.

Did i say a reunion gig on the way? Sorry i mean they are about to shutdown many states and/or countries in a Mo’Hits Reunion Tour.

D’Banj happens to be the first to render the tour hint on his instagram account with video of their previous performance tagging Don Jazzy with the question “Are They Ready ?

Don Jazzy replied back posting same video with D’Banj tagged, asked “How many states/countries should we give them?“.

Both stars went on to remind their fans the stuff they are made up of back then, as a team with throwback videos which gained a repost from each other – Isn’t that lovely and much long seen between the two?

Is that not an assurance that we are about to see the return of Mo’Hits? Fingers crossed!

Check out both star instagram accounts for more of the post – @iambangalee & @donjazzy


@donjazzy Are They Ready ?

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@iambangalee How many states/countries should we give them? ??

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