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Amoshine (Igwe 2Pac) – “Accolades” ft. Wonda Tha Hypeman

Amoshine (Igwe 2Pac) - "Accolade" ft. Wonder Tha Hypeman

Nigerian Actor, singer and rapper, Charles Okocha, also known as Igwe 2Pac and lately Amoshine, is out with a new single. The supposed follow up to his last year effort which is titled after his new stage name “Amoshine” – which gained a solid, rich video content – is titled “Accolades” and featured his hypeman, Wonder Tha Hypeman.

Accolade have generated lots of buzz across the social media via an attentive accolade challenge which has earned attention of his colleague and fans.

Posting several video demanding for an accolade and the accolade challenge well dispersed across the social media and among the top trending, Igwe 2Pac and his hypeman has surely generated the needed atmosphere to have the song flourish, thus, unleashed.

Accolade is an Afro rap content which find the incandescent rapper stick to his comfort zone and rendition his chosen lines for the song.

Charles will hope to replicate the success of his prequel musical content “Amoshine” with this record. Wonder has been the voice behind the ad libs provided for Charles whenever he is shooting his Instagram skits.

Give the new rap effort a listen below, like, share and hit the comment section with your thoughts.



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