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LeBron James feat. Kevin Durant – It Aint Easy

LeBron James feat. Kevin Durant - It Aint Easy

“It Aint Easy”, a new song by two of America’s professional Basketballers, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

This song got doled out couple of days ago via soundcloud and it was recorded several years back by two of America’s Basketball greats – LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

The two baller recorded this impressive piece which was originally produced by Franky Wahoo and redid with assistance from StewBillionaire back in 2011 and was then without a championship to their names – LeBron was just prepping for his second season in Miami Heat shirt and Kevin into his fourth season with Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to Franky Wahoo who leaked the record on soundcloud, the song was earlier projected to feature in NBA 2K19 which never happened.

“Song was originally was recorded in 2012-2013 during the NBA Lockout. Kevin Durant & Lebron James Came to Spider studios based out of Cleveland OH , to record, ” – he wrote.

“The original beat was a industry instrumental and could not be used for media . So Franky Wahoo & StewBillionaire redid the production around there original vocals The song was planned to go on NBA 2K19 but never did. Here is the secret song everyone has been waiting for.”

In the song, Durant kicked off reminding us his beginning, how he cut through pitfalls to get that.

“I cut me, I’ll bleed out dedication, hard work, sacrifice, meditation / I meditate upon a goal that I’m trying to reach / Grinding all day to the top, and I ain’t tryna’ sleep / I come and get me,” – Durant raps.

“I got the money, but that’s the root to all evil. I stayed the same, but it’s changing all the wrong people.”

James followed with a simple flex later on in the song: “It ain’t easy on the path I’m on/Put the world on my back because I’m that strong.”

In the time since the song was reportedly made, James has won three championships between the Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has since moved onto the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, Durant has left OKC for the Golden State Warriors and beaten James in the Finals twice, winning two Finals MVPs in the process.

Listen to the record below, like, share and Enjoy!



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