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MP3: Logic Ft. Eminem – Homicide

Logic and Eminem – two supposedly fastest rapper still kicking – team up to serve up somewhat a controversial piece which find them spit fire while they rain down violence upon the rest of the rap game. This one is called Homicide.

“Homicide” is simple: Two self-righteous rappers walk into a room and, somehow, get more self-righteous. For Mountain Dew mafia circles and cream-colored cul-de-sacs Logic and Eminem‘s first collaboration is an event. It’s also an amplification of the two patron saints of perceived persecution’s worst, though arguably most lucrative, tendencies.

On one side, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II spits anxiety raps about why no one thinks he’s cool, why he’s an “innovator” and why AutoTune is lame. On the other side, Marshall Mathers nonsensically complains about rappers not writing their raps and being the air duct/vampire of rap. In the middle, Logic and Em commiserate. They know how to save hip-hop, damnit, if only the teens would listen.

Their imagination is left with them and ours is to give the song a listen and criticize or like.

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