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Harrysong Reveals Losing #180 Million To Oil Fraudsters that Almost Cost His Life [Read]

Harrysong Reveals Losing #180 Million To Oil Fraudsters that Almost Cost His Life [Read]

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has finally shared in detail how he was duped of N180 million naira years ago.

The singer about two years ago posted a very disturbing message on social media about death and fans were immediately concerned about his well being. He wrote: “Don’t cry wen i die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert, empower more youths,.. I have Lived.. I have Done my bit, carry on in grace… TEKERO? I LOVE YOU ALL.

All attempts to reach out to him were futile and after a while, the singer came back like nothing ever happened. However, in a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, the singer finally opened about what prompted him to make such a move. It appears the singer was actually duped of 180 million naira by fraudsters.

According to him, he was saving up for a business in the oil and gas sector but ended up getting duped. The singer further revealed that he had a lot of money at that time but he was very much saddened by the news.

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I know it was everywhere about how down I was. I already had plans for 2020 – I was saving for a business. I’m from Delta State and we have oil. I was saving to get into a major business in oil and gas and I was duped. When I got the news that I had been duped of N180 million, it was almost everything to me at the time.

When I said I was down, I was really down. But thank God for grace that we’re back stronger. Now, there’s life and talent – we are ready for the next phase. People thought I was going to die, but I wasn’t (laughs). It’s only been a year and some months since then and I have more. While there’s life there’s hope. Almost everybody; those who loved me, those who hated me, the ones that wanted to stand by me, some called to check if I had really died (laughs), but almost everybody reached out,” he said.

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The singer also talked about his songwriting and forthcoming EP “Right About Now” which is currently in the works. He added that he hopes to be a bigger and better songwriter than Micheal Jackson and R. Kelly.

They need to upgrade their senses and realize that many were called, but few were chosen – you can’t have all. I can sing, write, play instrument and perform, but it’s a privilege that doesn’t mean I’m way higher than the next person.

When I started in church, I had music directors who could only write music, but can’t perform it – yet, they were excellent at that writing. It doesn’t mean they are incompetent or incomplete. He nor mean say dem be February. If someone writes a song for you, it means singing is your office and songwriting is that other person’s office.

That is why publishing deals are broken down – division of labour is necessary. If it’s about ability, I should be Michael Jackson and R.Kelly should be bigger than Michael Jackson. It’s by grace,” he furthered.

It’s not really holding Nigerian music back, it’s just holding us back as a force to push together. I know a lot of young amazing writers who only need a platform. Sometimes, when they get a platform to write for others, they are sworn to secrecy. Sometimes, when we sign artists, we need to get them writers.” he concluded.