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“Ronaldo Shouldn’t be Playing in Ekiti League” – CKay [Watch]

From the East but raised in the North and already shining across the West, ‘Container’ crooner, Ckay comes through to share unpopular facts about himself and the general entertainment industry during this chat with radio plug Ife Ajagbe in this revealing half-hour episode of Celeb Stopover.

Discover key facts you definitely didn’t know about CKay from his growth to his relationship with Chocolate City, his music, the real meaning of the ‘Love Nwantinti’ song and most interestingly why Ronaldo shouldn’t be playing for a league in Ekiti. Watch the video and follow @celebstopover on Instagram and Facebook. Celeb Stopover airs on Bridge Radio 98.7FM Asaba every Tuesday at 5.30PM and on Lead City 89.1FM every Monday at 6.00PM.

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