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Coronavirus: It’s Not ‘Oyinbo Man Disease’ – Wiz Ofuasia (Wizboyy)

Despite the uncertainty of the weeks ahead, Celeb Stopover continuously brings you interesting reasons to stay active and alive this season, and now it’s a brief but highly inspiring conversation between radio Queen Ife Ajagbe and the seemingly ageless music aficionado Wizboyy who brought you ‘Screensaver’. He is now known as Wiz Ofuasia.

Single and successful in his own rights as an all round entertainer and an authority on music and sounds generally, Wiz Ofuasia voiced out the importance of Naysayers in the industry while also suggesting a correlation between creativity and isolation. Well, appears Wiz Ofuasia just made the most hilarious celebrity comment about Covid19 ever- on Celeb Stopover

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Watch the interview video below: