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[Audio + Lyrics] Ervin Mitchell – Abracadabra

[Audio + Lyrics] Ervin Mitchell - Abracadabra

Ervin Mitchell follows up the release of Break The Internet with the third single from his upcoming CUDI BABY album: Abracadabra.

On this up-tempo rap banger Ervin emotes “the rap game is in shambles… AND THEN I APPEAR”. If he intends to save the rap game from whatever dismal state it’s currently in the Atlanta based emcee certainly has the talent to do so. On Abracadabra Ervin Mitchell’s skills are on full display as he weaves through unique flows with multis and poignant delivery. Hard hitting production from Lexi Banks compliment bars about manifestation and the power of the tongue.

Abracadabra pulls off the elusive feat of being both trendy and also unlike any other sound in the mainstream market.

Stream and enjoy the new musical effort below:



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[Abracadabra Lyrics]

Never ran a scam, but I’m rich anyway
Try to penetrate my chi, get kicked in the face like Hi yaaa
I’m from outer space
I was sent here to come conquer this place
What are we gonna do now man?
The rap game is in SHAMBLESSSSSS!
Then I appear
Eating a apple
Greater than ever
Watching my health
Look at the world
Watching it fall
I snap my fingers
Then it get better
I hated school
Doubted my power
If I had known
I wouldna went
But I let go, can’t do it again
Changing my future
Like Abrakadabra!
Saving a nation
Using a mic
Standing ovation
I don’t know why
Just doing me
When I’m on stage
Do what I say
I’m the spellcaster!
I press the button
I am no rapper
More like a rabbai
I am a sage
Press of the button
Changing the world
In the big apple
It look like a chapel
Opportunity ample
I’m finna go get it, I’m finna go get, I’m finna go get it, I’m finna go get it!
If you ain’t wit it
It don’t make no difference
Just stick to the vision
My shit getting bigger
I think I’m autistic
Cuz I’m so artistic
I’m also articulate
Georgia is bigoted
But love is bigger than it
Look at the things we all could get
Cuz we all the shit
And I follow you guys for the art of the shit
I’m not looking for folk to keep arguin wit
We got all of the shit
We could alter the shit
We should make all the hate just disintegrate
Fa real doe
Let’s muh fuckin link up baby
Voltron out this bitch
Errbody need to go platinum this winter nigga
Independent baby
New Harlem Rennaissance in this mother fucker
New Rennaissance Period
Ervin Mother Fuckin Mitchell
I’m down for it
Underground railroad to superstardom baby