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NaijaBeatZone (Pronunciation: /naijæbi:tzoun/) is an online platform, a subsidiary of NBZ Dynasty Entertainment: an entertainment hub based in Eastern Part of Nigeria.

Projecting the vision behind the establishment, NaijaBeatZone proud her impetus in entertainment updates. Aimed at promoting Nigerian hot breed talents to the world, NaijaBeatZone represents, to the deepest extent, music contents from Nigerian singist – popular, fast rising, emerging and debutants – as well as those from her (Nigeria) neighboring countries, succinctly entirety of African Nations – Proudly at the forefront of promoting our owns.

Without mincing words, NaijaBeatZone is among few of the Nigerian music blogs/websites that ceaselessly fledge on her online wall Africa’s type of music genre, Afrobeat.



NaijaBeatZone Online Platform was created out of determination to move with the trend, granting our local breed of talents – in respect to those determined to ply a successful career in music – the needed online presence and availability.

With the world vastly moving, in its entirety, to the digital space – with great acceptance of globalization in every sector of the world profound/largest department including entertainment/music industry – the need to grant our (then) emerging establishment the indispensable presence on the digital space became imminent, thus, the birth of this, now profound online entertainment platform on 15th of April, 2014.

NaijaBeatZone was initially mounted on a free host plan – Google Blogspot – but, after an uncomfortable near three years experience with the free hosting plan, a shift was made to a much more better host – Paid Host Plan – on March 23rd, 2017, which allowed pretty much control on the site by the Admin – determining the site shape and direction without much restriction.

NaijaBeatZone, three years on, have grown into one of the best music blogs in the country, evidence to her nomination for the award of “Best Music Blog” at the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards. Have invariably gone from few hundred visitors to tens of thousands visitors on daily basis.


The Founder in Brief

This amazing entertainment platform was brought to light by an ingenious young Nigerian who aims to be recognized by his exceptionalism.

Graduate of Applied Biochemistry in one of Nigeria’s renowned universities, Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Alongside several other freelancers and incognito contributors/authors (NBZ Team), he pilot the exoneration of this platform from every let to what it is today, with first class content (song, music video, comedy, celebrity gist, web movie series (of music inclined), etc) updates to her visitors and loyal fans on daily basis.